So, it comes to my attention that my blog name suggests a defeatist mentality… oh contrair mon frair! It is only the belief that I’m not defeated that leads me to this! You see, even though satan has asked to sift, it only happens because my God has allowed it. 

So, I hate to break it to you little man with the pointy tail, you are not my sifter! My Sifter sifts for the purpose of strengthening me, building me up, equipping me for the purpose He’s called me to. Ultimately, the glory will be His and you will be left baffled as to how you lost the battle again! And I hope when that day comes, you will shudder under the shadow of the cross- because, though I may find you intimidating, my Jesus is power, might, and strength. At the end of this time, you will see that, in the very fact that He has chosen me, I too am a victor!

This brokenness, this season, this trial is a momentary event that will pass away. In the process, I will not be silent in the hopes that I can be an encouragement, a shining light, a voice for others that trod this earth in flesh. We’re NOT alone; we’re in this together. So let the lessons begin …

4 thoughts on “An explanation of my thought process (as scary as that might be)

  1. Yes! I knew the capital S was no mistake. Praise His Name! He counts us strong enough to be sifted! … only because He sees me through His eyes.

  2. You are so encouraging! I love you so much! If I can learn to gather and write my thoughts HALF as good as you do, Ill be set! Thank you for being such a shining light for our Father!

  3. You are such an encouragement to those of us who find ourselves in uncertain territory. When the curtains of darkness are pulled over our eyes and the candle of our Righteousness seems to burn too small to make a difference, it is someone such as yourself that helps the weak and doubtful, the hurt and the timid among us, to stand a little straighter. Thank you for the tears of joy my heart now sheds. Please keep leading us down this path hand in hand with the Father.

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