It is our strongest opponent. It has the power to cripple and annihilate. It is the antithesis of hope and faith. It awaits our slightest slip.

It finds us at unexpected places… Expectedly. In the hospital waiting on a diagnosis, a treatment, a test result. At school in the hallways, in the principals office, in the face of a bully. In our homes in the confines of a closet, on the floor of a bathroom, in the security of our beds. It finds us. It doesn’t have to try.

It is an enemy we create, with our minds, in our hearts, and with our consent. It is the thing that keeps us from dreaming, hoping and, for too many of us, living. It is the one thing that can and does separate us from the love of God…the love of others…the love of self.

It is a faithful opponent, an intimidating foe. It finds me fragile and scared; broken and scarred. It finds me; try as I might to elude it’s onset, it finds me. And when it does it ravages me. In a matter of seconds it rips away my security and dares me to raise my chin. I tremble in it’s wake, and it gloats darkly.

Then I get in it’s face and I speak. I speak to my fear. Ridiculous, huh? But, it is forced to listen, and as I speak I am forced to hear…I am not alone. I am not the sum of my mistakes, my aggressions, my assaults. I am not crazy or a victim or a fraud. I am not afraid! And finally I speak the words that makes fear cower. I am NOT afraid! I speak it again, louder and with more strength. I AM NOT afraid! And suddenly my fear takes a backseat to my indignation. Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world! I am more than a conqueror! I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! Perfect love casts out ALL fear! And, i feel it…I’m alive and well and equipped to face whatever comes my way … Until it finds me again, face to face.

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