I’m just one.

I find myself thinking that a lot lately because it is very true. I’m just one.

One voice.

One heart.

One body.

One writer.

I’m just one. And, the good news is that I am one of many! I don’t have to say it all. I don’t have to feel it all. I don’t have to do it all. I don’t have to write it all. I’m just one.

And that takes all the pressure off.


I’m fortunate to have a ministry that I love. I love all facets of this calling. I love the writing, the speaking, the sharing…I love it! It’s as if it was designed just for me, and it was! As a writer, the most important thing to me is that I get it right…not necessarily the grammar, or the descriptions, or the dialogue. It is important for me to relay the message.

As the hands of God, I simply type what He inspires. As the the voice of God, I simply speak what He says. As the heart of God, I simply feel as He desires. As the body of Christ, I simply do as I am directed.

I’m just one.

And, He is One.

The One and only.

He and I are One.

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