“Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her.” Ephesians 5:25

In a world where love has become a commodity of convenience, where Hollywood has tainted it and prettied it up to the point that it has become far fetched and anything but the love that Christ intended, it’s a beautiful thing to see the love of a husband like Robin Hartrick.

This is the man that married a divorced blind woman and took on the raising of her son. This is the man that stood beside her as she pursued the heart of God in ministry that would require much of her time and energy. This is the man that as her health failed, sat warmly and compassionately by her bed, praying for her and loving her. This is the man that as he watched his wife slowly die had the strength to say that he would never abandon her. And, when after many years of her battle with diabetes and its life changing results including leg amputations, he still stood at the celebration of her too brief life and could not regret a moment of their journey together. This is the man that meant his vows. This is the man that truly loved as Christ intends…not because it was convenient, or she was so beautiful, or things were going so well, but he loved because he vowed to love and realized that love in its truest form cannot be selfish.

What is the level of your commitment to your spouse? If the unthinkable happened would you stand by their side in love and support and selfless compassion? It’s a question I challenge myself to answer, and in the midst of my pondering, I beg my God to give me strength if such a day should come.

As you celebrate Valentine’s Day next week remind your spouse how very much they are loved, and how very much you don’t regret a minute of the journey.

2 thoughts on ““‘Til death do us part”

  1. David and I know Robin and Molly. She was one of the most extraordinary women I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing. She saw more than any of us who have healthy eyes could ever see. Her faith was her sight. And that was evident because she lived her faith. She was humble and gentle and her smile lit up her eyes so much they sparkled. And even though she couldn’t physically see, she somehow still had the wonderful ability to look right at you. It was like she was looking into your soul. And Robin, well, like you said, Robin loved her more than he loved himself just as Christ intended. And the blessings he received, I’m sure, were more incredible than he ever could have imagined. Thank you, dear friend, for honoring both of them with what you’ve written.

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