“So in Christ Jesus you are all children of God through faith,” Galatians 3: 26

I heard someone say Monday in the midst of the “Osama is dead” debate, “But, we must not forget that he, too, is a child of God.” Honestly, that made my skin crawl. In our commission to love others and to love our enemies, let’s not mistake God’s creation with His children. God says that we are adopted as His children, but our adoption is contingent. The ink that signs those papers is signed with the blood of Christ. Through Him we are adopted. It may not be popular belief, but the Word of God is true and that’s what It says – we are adopted as children of God by faith in Jesus Christ.

Don’t get me wrong. He longs to adopt all of us, but we have to choose it. Our free will has to submit to His perfect will, and not all of His created are willing. Here is the problem: If we can confuse one that is created and loved by Almighty God and mistake them for a redeemed and ransomed child of God, then we can say that we are ALL children of God, and if we are all children of God, then ultimately what was the purpose of Christ? Here is another grey line in the realm of Universalism that is mucking up the truth. This isn’t soley about Osama Bin Laden (I’m not here to judge his fate; it’s already been decided), but if one can mistake him, with all of his evil intent and destruction, as a child of God, then how much more easily can we call the good man or woman, who is not a believer, a child of God?

Beware church. The tongue of the Liar speaks just enough truth to confuse us, but even a slanted truth is not true at all! More of this fine lined, love wins stuff will continue to attempt to corrupt the heart of the Body…listen carefully, and know His word lest you be sucked in and deceived. The enemy is crafty, and he knows his time is running short; he’s gonna pull out all the stops, and his main goal is to keep us from finding our identity in Christ- the blood of the Lamb that overcomes the sin of the World. Beware and be vigilant, children of God, distinguish the white washed lies from our Father’s voice. Test and approve that which is His, the good, perfect will of God. The enemy screams his agenda, while Father God gently speaks a message of hope and restoration. Listen for that still small voice that speaks, “This is the way, walk in it.”

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