Tomorrow marks 2 years. Two years ago I knew God, served Him and understood Him as best as I could. I knew Him to be loving and faithful and kind and patient. We’d been through a lot. The worst and the best. I was His and He was mine and yet.. There was an element to our relationship that was missing. Up until 2 years ago, God functioned in my life, side by side, intimately but at a distance. There was Him and there was me and that was all I required.

Then July 3, 2010 my world flipped upside down! Not in the natural. In the natural, I was learning about the heart, about how you can never really know someone and how the heart can be deceptive. In the spiritual, God was stretching me.. And in His caution, in His desire to have me hear His voice and know it was His warning, He spoke through others. Oh my mind can play it off as coincidence… They just happened to call at the right time, they just happened to sense danger, but that’s a deception. It was so much more than that, because on that night God didn’t only speak to me, He spoke to Others, virtual players in the plot.. Whether they fully knew it or not. I realize this is cryptic. But, I mark this day as a stone of Ebenezer which pronounces loudly “The Lord has brought me this far!”

You don’t have to hear the details of my story (and no doubt it probably wouldn’t seem as harrowing a tale to you as it was to those of us that lived it face to face)… But what I got and what I need you to get is that God is not limited! Just as He did in the Old Testament, using others to profess His wisdom and guide His beloved, He still does the same today. You know. You’ve experienced it, but maybe like me until that night, you chalked it up as coincidence or random chance.. That the stranger at the bank would know your story without you sharing a word! Maybe it seemed possible that someone would text you and at just the right time with a divine Word that was just what you needed 3 days later? Maybe it’s logical that someone would appear at your doorstep the very moment you called out for help or a friend? Maybe. Or maybe it’s God. Heaven meeting earth not by random chance but divine appointment to say “I’m here. I see you. I love you. And I am for you.”

July 3, 2010 my God fought for me. In my flesh I was weak and tired and scared, but in His spirit I found peace and hope and rescue… Both in the natural and supernaturally. It was the time in my life where God became Daddy God, and I knew without a doubt He was looking out for me with hands that reached, hearts that were broken, and mumbling lips of intercession. It wasn’t left for me to wonder “maybe..” He made it clear. “This is Me!” and when I doubted He spoke louder by text, no less, “Would this Person know This?” baring moments only He and I shared. It was the night I received one of the strongest warnings of my life “Don’t open the door!” Words spoken to me by a caring friend a full month before that night! It was the night He showed me what would happen if I obeyed and what He felt about disobedience. They were a series of powerful moments I will never forget, can never forget… And they’ve led me here… 2 years later… Safely and far more open to His power and ways than ever before!

The verse I’ve come to cherish resonates in my heart tonight “His ways are not our ways neither are his thoughts our thoughts.” They aren’t! He is so much bigger, greater, patient, loving, gentle, powerful than we will ever fully know or can imagine! But on this day, I believe. On this day I trust what I cannot see and this day I remember what He’s already done, and praise Him for what He is yet to do! My SAVIOUR and my God!


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