Everyone has a story.

We know that intrinsically. We are all working out of a story, His story in us. But hearing the stories of the girls in Guatemala, reminded me of the words that God was telling me, that He had rescued them…that they are His hidden treasures.

Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

We see that line from time to time, in a crime story or in a scandalous tale that supposedly happened in real life. But the truth of the matter is, I have met these girls and in the day and age of social media and websites and bullying that can come from that, I never want these girls to be targeted so I WILL protect them.

Sarah, is precious. She has freckles across her face, her skin is paler than the others and she is fairly quiet. The moment I met her, I knew. Maybe it was what she was wearing or the way she carried herself, but I knew where her pain must lie. I wasn’t wrong. I hate when I’m not wrong. She was taken to POP with her sister, taken out of a dangerous situation where they were being raised by their older brothers. Sarah was the older of the two girls and had already experienced years of sexual mistreatment. When the brothers began to seek out her sister, she ran. She was one thing, but her sister was another entirely…she would not let her be hurt. Looking to protect her sister, she found rescue for herself. She is still healing…years of sexual abuse takes a lifetime to heal, but she is healing…and Daddy God is restoring what was selfishly stolen at far too young an age by her brothers who were meant to protect her. Pray for Sarah and her sister, Rachel.

Becky, Vanessa, and Gigi are all three sisters. They came to PoP when their mother died of cancer. Their father had been killed a couple years before, at knife-point by a drug dealer. They were left in the care of their brothers, who had themselves become dealers. Not a good or safe situation for three young girls. When I think about what might have been, I weep and thank God for rescuing them! There is no telling what their little eyes have already seen, but I pray that God will restore hope in them – that someone can love them, that they will feel protected, and that they will know that God has a plan for them, and it started with His rescue.

Diana is beautiful. She is beautiful to behold -long hair, sparkling eyes, and smooth skin. She grew up at “The Line” the area of the city that is adjacent to the railways, where the prostitutes set up shop. There is a missionary couple that has been called to minister to these women…to tell them that they are worthy, that their value is more than their body, and that God created them for His delight which is pure and rich and good. Diana’s mother was one that heard that Truth and wanted more of this Love and this Jesus that would take her shame and guilt and emptiness and replace it with His peace. Unfortunately, she had already contracted AIDS so her earthly life was coming to an end before her dance would begin. Diana was rescued. Her beauty required her to be protected or she would be taken and used. She was taken to PoP and there she has found her protection, her home, and I pray that she always is…that she finds a man that will cherish her and love her and see her for the beauty that she is, the buried treasure she is, and treat her like a princess.

Even as I find a name for this little one, I smile. Her smile still haunts me. Such a treasure. There is no telling what she has seen in her six short years. She was found on the street by the police. There is some speculation about how long she had been there. She was for all intents and purposes “a street rat.” The most perplexing thing about Susie is that she wants nothing to do with her mother. I don’t know what that can mean. It’s unusual. Even children horribly mistreated by their moms and dads and brothers, when given the chance to see them will at least reluctantly agree. Not Susie. She wants NOTHING to do with her mother. Doesn’t want to talk about her, and refuses to see her. She’s such a loving kid, laughing and smiling and playing and entertaining, but it all goes away when you mention her mom. She was rescued. We don’t even know what her story is in full, but it must be horrible and so I pray for her. I pray that she knows that she brings her Father God great delight and pleasure, that when she dances and sings that she does so for Him. I pray that she understands that whatever her mother did to her or allowed done to her, Daddy God did not approve, and He will restore her past with His abundant plans for her future.

I’m crying as I wrap this up. There is no way for me to bring these girls home. I would if I could. I would take out a second mortgage if it required it. But, there are no more adoptions from Guatemala. I pray this changes. I know there are many families that would LOVE to have these girls.  In fact, there is one girl at PoP that brings me to tears every time I think of her story. Her name is Olivia. She was all set to be adopted – had met her adoptive family, was excited about the prospect of making her home in the States. The couple had already adopted another girl from Guatemala, who would be her older sister. Then the freeze. Can you imagine? You have parents, you have a child, you know each other, you’ve met each other,  you love each other, but because of some stupid bureaucratic red tape they are separated, forced to remain a split family. It breaks my heart. I can’t imagine. And, yet, I know, that even in all of this, God is working out a story…and I believe in His beautiful endings though I can’t foresee His plan.

Our stories can be heartbreaking and seem impossible. Some of our stories are mysteries and some feel like tragic comedies, but all of us HAVE a story. We often see God as the narrator, overseeing the action and moving the players around…but He is the main character. He is actively involved in each story…working within even the most tragic tales to bring a beautiful resolution. We can’t flip through to the end, we have to wait through each painstaking turn, the flipping of pages, but I can promise you, even if you think you have it figured out, the ending is better than you can imagine. I believe this. For all of us. After all, God didn’t tell me we are buried debris or covered trash, but we are all BURIED TREASURES… in the end we will shine.

*If your heart has been moved, you can help these girls. I have a link on my blog site home page. Every sponsor helps – it takes 8 sponsors at $30 a month to fund one girl. Consider aiding their rescue.

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